PFSense IPSec Remote Access VPN...authenticating against DC

Hello all,

I’m using a PFSense community edition on a Dell Optiplex. On the PFSense there is an IPSec VPN configured for Remote access authenticating against a DC. The DC that is is authenticating against is being replaced and I am trying to figure out where in the IPSec VPN configuration to change this.

I set this all up a few years ago and it has been working flawlessly since so I haven’t given it any thought really since then, but that also means I have forgotten what I did initially when I set it up:-(

I am looking in VPN/IPSec/Mobile Clients and I can plainly see in there under “Extended Authentication” the old DC server name, but its not letting me change it there, nor add the new one. I had been monkeying around so much trying to figure this out I actually broke the VPN, couldn’t figure out what happened, and had to restore the box from a backup (that was embarrassing let me say). So before I go mucking about in here any further and break something again I though I’d reach out for some help here. Is there somewhere else I have to go to change this?


Could you edit the config. backup to put in the new AD name and account details? I haven’t played with any of this so not sure, but the config. backup is just XML formatted text and easy to edit and then apply.

Only other though is maybe you need to disable the VPN in order to make changes, and probably do it from a local computer (not over the VPN), but just guessing on this.