Pfsense & Intel card Need Help please

Hello everyone.
i have a problem installing pfsense on Hp pro 3500 MT (i5 3th/8Gb) and intel Quad port ET server Netword adapter
case 1 : installing Pf Without the card,everything go normal but when i add it and i start the system it stop after initiating the 1st and 2nd port (igb0 & igb1) stop at igb2 ,and i got this message :
igb2:using MSIX interrupts with 5 vectors
igb2:the eeprom checksum is not valid
after that i chance this file in pfsense “/boot/loader.conf” by adding “hw.pci.enable_msix=0” & “hw.pci.enable_msi=0”
after that i got the following error :
igb2:using legacy interrupts
case 2 : installing Pf With the card,everything go normal but i can only see two interfaces “igb0 & igb1”
when i check de shell for de pci list “pciconfig -l” i got de following output
igb0@3:00.0 and igb1@3:00.1 and none2@4:00.0 none3@4:00.1

PS: on windows all interfaces work fine no probleme .

Now im asking the community for help, im realy stuck i dont know what to do next , im thinking to update the firmware of the card and adding driver to the kernal ,or just go the simple way and use windows 10 as server with hyper-v .
thanks you all.

Try disabling the on board card and see if that works, if no one else has suggestions then post over in

Thank you i will take a look