pfSense in cloud VPS with OpenVPN + Captive Portal

Hi guys,

I’m trying to configure this setup but I’m not able to browse when Captive Portal is enabled.

Local routers will connect to the VPS using the VPN.

As a user I can connect to the VPN and the Captive Portal seems to work.
Got redirected to the CP portal to accept the terms, click on connect > “The portal session is connected.”, but any request keeps getting redirected to that same CP page.

Connection works: Set TAP-Windows TUN subnet mode network/local/netmask = [SUCCEEDED]

WAN has the VPS public IP, LAN has the OpenVPN tunnel network []
Captive portal set in LAN just with Disable MAC filtering checked.
OpenVPN has Redirect IPv4 Gateway checked.

We rarely use captive portal so I have not tested if this will work, if no one here has any suggestions you can try the Netgate / pfsense forums.