PFSense, IGMP IPTV fioptics setup assistance?

I have fioptics and just got a ubiiquity 16 switch. I currently have fioptics in my house but don’t use their router. Currently have an old TPlink router which Fioptics terminates into. Out of that I have cat5e running to a MOCA adapter to feed tv’s in the house. I have been researching a workaround to get this to work in my house with pfsense.

I took tplink out of the equation and plugged into wan port, then out of Lan to switch and Moca came out of the switch. Long term goal is to make Vlan’s. But for now, just a flat network.

I know this is an IGMP multipcast issue. I have followed multiple difference sites and just can’t get this to work. I have tried to the IGMP proxy setup on pf sense and the firewall rules. One site had the multicast addresses needed for Cincinnati Fioptics IPTV.

Quoted from the site.
"Fioptics use of multicast is pretty simple. They do not use VLAN tags, and all IGMP is sourced at and targeted at, so all you need to do is setup the upstream and downstream proxy, and add the firewall rules, and you’re good.

Firewall Rules

You need to add a couple of rules or you won’t get any traffic to proxy. On the WAN_IN you need to accept UDP packets from destined for On the WAN_LOCAL you need to accept all IGMP protocol packets."

When I did all this. The tv’s are still not getting the signal. I do have IGMP snooping on the switch also. I have tried to simply vlan this off on the switch and still not working.

I tried to use wireshark to capture packets to try and see which multicasts groups and addresses are being used. But I don’t have a ton of experience yet with wireshark and did not know, or could not find anything usefull in the pull.

The annoying thing, on the TPlink router. There is simply a button for IPTV, turned that on. Bingo everything just works. ha Please assist on how to approach this on pfsense.