PfSense – How to change WAN PPPoE to DHCP?

I’ll be switching ISP providers (Plusnet to Virgin Media UK) this weekend, this provider requires that I set the WAN to DHCP. However, that option is no longer present.

What are the correct steps to edit the WAN interface ?

If I set the default gateway to automatic, could it be that pfSense detects the new connection and DHCP is now an option (I can’t test this until the weekend) ?

I’m not 100% sure but I think you need to remove the PPP settings on the WAN interface before it will let you change it.


I did think I would delete this entry, set the default GW to automatic, unplug my modem, reboot and inspect the results, plug in new modem.

You might need to remove the interface, then add it back in after the switch.

I’d also take a look at the config file and see if you can edit it there.


Yes I’m spoofing a MAC from an old server, needed to keep the IP reservation giving me the correct address.

I have the feeling that if I remove the interface, I will end up adding the next interface in the sequence, so I’d have to recreate my rules, which I’d like to avoid. Have a weekend to install / test / resolve.

The config file might do what you need after a simple reboot. Boot up on a linux rescue disk so you can copy the file and then edit it. Other than the spoofing in the example above, it is just plain DHCP, clear out the characters in the spoofing section, make sure the hardware interface is correct, and you should be good to go.

That said, I’ve never played with ppp log in for the WAN.

And just thinking a little more, the rules are applied to WAN, any physical interface can be called WAN and from my experience you can move it around to different physical interfaces by just assigning it. You should be OK even if it does grab a different interface.

Ok thanks for that, will consider this if it doesn’t go quite to plan.

Did also consider doing a clean install then restoring by section from backups.

Just an update.

Had the fiber installed over the weekend, I stumbled on the Setup Wizard, allowing me to change over to DHCP, no idea if that is the recommended approach, but it appears to work.

However, I experienced a lot of WAN disconnects, which I couldn’t isolate but I suspect was my pfSense config. In the end I did a clean rebuild of pfsense, strangely I was now able to upgrade to 2.6 which now recognises my LAGG between router and switch, which wasn’t the case previously.

I’m now coming to the conclusion, that the connection required a “few” days to settle.