Pfsense hardware

Hello everyone, I’m new to this site. I’m looking to know if this type of server will work for Pfsense ( HYVE ZEUS V1 1U SERVER 2x XEON EIGHT CORE E5-2680 2.7GHz 16GB RAM). I have one I have been looking but not sure if it will work for it. Sorry if I post this on the wrong category.

What kind of onboard NIC’sdoes it have? Typically Intel NIC’s are preferred.

@xMAXIMUSx , I only have some information about the unit. I will attach a screenshot of what they have listed for description. I don’t think it has what you mentioned but I could be wrong. Thank you for looking into this, seller is giving me a discount but I want to make sure it works for what I need.

I would think more than likely this will work just fine. Your processor also has AES-NI which is good for VPN acceleration. I’d be shocked if this pfsense didn’t work on this.

Thank you, I placed the order, now I have to look for a 4 port network card. Got the ricer for it too.

The onboard NIC is decent, but a good PCIe card would be better because you can buy a new generation. The X9 series of main board is pretty decent, less noise than previous generations.

One thing to check, make sure you download the newest BIOS for that board, there was a date bug recently that might kill you and SuperMicro released a patched BIOS. Their BIOS update works best if you boot from a DOS USB drive and flash from there, instructions are pretty clear. Rufus can make a bootable DOS drive for you.

@Greg_E thanks for the advice, I will definitely look at the BIOS and see if it’s running the latest update. Now I have to look into my UnRaid server too to see if the BIOS are the latest one too. I currently have Ubiquity for home network setup but I want to split my house network and start learning about Pfsense, gotta learn all about this firewall.

You might have already known if the BIOS was wrong, it was a date problem from like a year ago. The work around was to set the date in the past, update the BIOS, and then you are good. They fixed it before that date hit, but it was cause for a lot of alarm at the time.

Matrox graphics have seen that name for a long time.

Matrox is still in business and probably still a difficult company to deal with when you need support.

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Didn’t Sun Micro use them in their work stations? Remember them from the '90s trade shows.

I emailed the seller to see if they update the bios before shipping them out and they do not so once I get the unit I will work on it to make sure is up to date.

Well if you have no concern for paying for a hefy electricity bill just to have pfsense running, that could work… Seems a bit weird to put pfsense on a server like that (even if it is old).

the ali express soft mini pc / routers (usually around $160-300) with 2.5gb lan x 4 etc seems like the way to go if you don’t want to go the netgate route (which I didn’t, always out of stock and 2x the price of what you actually get).

What is your use case and desired upload download speed? If you’re going for VPN, you probably need an x86 processor. The type of processor will depend on your Internet speed. If I recall correctly, 3 GHz will get you line speed on a 1 Gb connection.

This is the first proposed PFSense build that I’d seen with 2 processors. Others please let me know if I’m wrong, but I can’t see any PFSense use case that requires 2 processors. OpenVPN is single thread, but I think you can get more power and less energy usage with something like an 8th generation i7.

All that said, the great thing about PFSense is that you can put it on almost anything. If the server meets your needs, go for it.

@riftor_77 I want to be able to get the most out of Pfsense maybe I’m going a little too overkill with this unit but the price is decent and I’m not concerned about the power consumption. I mean I know it will eat some electricity but I want to be able to use the VPN feature without having problems due to a weak cpu. Also, if I get a chance to get a mini pc at a good price and comes with everything I need then I will switch over. They are installing fiber optic where I live, 2gbps up and down, once they finish the installation I will be getting the 1gbps up and down plan. That should be a good speed for VPN setup plus I want to control my network on a way where everything is separate. TVs for kids streaming on one vlan, home automation on another, gaming on another, cctv on its own and Lab as well. Worst case scenario if I don’t like the OS I can use the unit as a second server. I think I have multiple options.

Running on an i3 4 GB 128 GB SSD Intel 2 port NIC ,no problems. On board NIC is mgt port.

@g-aitc do you have links for the hardware? Will like to take a look if possible. Thank you.

The i3 that pfsense is running on was a POS terminal that my client no longer wanted sitting collecting dust. Changed a few things and is been running just fine. Used an Intel NIC don’t remember the part # but very east to get try Tech Supply Direct really good service. (Tom has a link to them). Might also find a good box too. Mine is an HP as to the SSD it is a WD blue, get em anywhere.

I’m getting ready to auction off a pile of HP Elitedesk 800 G1 SFF with old 4xxx series i5 and 8GB of ram, add a low profile NIC or two and a new hard drive and be done. I’ve seen these same devices go for under $150 on the used market. Only reason we are getting rid of them is that with increased workload from new software, they are too slow. They do the work required, but the slow and age are to the point where they could become trouble. Here is an example HP EliteDesk 800 G1 SFF intel i5-4570 3.20GHz 8GB 2TB Win10 PC Computer Desktop | eBay

Sometimes you can find HP DL360e G8 servers for under $250 with dual Xeon v2 sockets so you can go up to a fairly large core count and over 100GB of RAM.

Lots of choices on the used market. Run used until you are proven to work, then think about buying something new that will last. I ran my first system on an old dual core Atom processor and USB for the second NIC. It sucked but taught we what I needed. After the USB got to problematic I moved over to an old server made with a Supermicro X7 board and ran that for a while until I could free up my present Supermicro Atom based server.