Pfsense hardware recommendations for multiwan

Hi everyone,

My apologies for another post about firewall appliances. I did a review of hardware posts and didn’t see hardware rec’s for lots of multiwan connections.

I’m hoping to build a 1U or 2U appliance for at or under $1kUSD.
I have 3x 1Gb synchronous fiber WAN + 4x Starlink WAN for failover. I’d like to install all 2.5Gb ethernet ports and 10Gb SFPs. Why not Netgate- well I don’t see any Netgate hardware that even has that many ports (7WAN + LAN).

I need to be able to support 40-70k sessions/min with IPS (pfblocker et al) and around 20 OpenVPN connections.

I’ve used Protectli devices for years without issue, but I can’t find a router appliance that has at least 6x 2.5gb ethernet ports + 2x 10Gb SFP with an i7 processor (I’m not against using Xeon) and at least 16Gb of RAM. With internet speeds increasing and demand also increasing (or at least client expectations), I don’t want any potential bottlenecks for the next couple of years due to hardware.

Thanks for your time in responding.

I’m not positive you can do that for $1000usd.

First thing to check is if every service you want to run will operate multithreaded, once upon a time Suricata did and Snort didn’t, they might have fixed that by now.

I would build this on at least a 2u chassis, maybe 4u to be able to use any cards available. 2u will limit you to half height cards or only two cards on a riser. I/O is going to be the big question too, you are going to need a pair of four port 2.5gb cards, plus two port 10gb card. I might be wrong, but I think each of these will want a PCIe 3.x 8x slot to work at full speed.

I’d also think about increasing ram up to 32 or 64gb, that seems like a lot of traffic. Add in the OpenVPN and I think you will want the extra RAM.

You might also want to look at the Netgate TNSR product which they say is higher performance, but check hardware needs. TNSR Overview

There is an OPNsense hardware that seems to have what you want, but it’s $6000+, might give you a comparison for hardware though DEC4280 – OPNsense® Rack Security Appliance – OPNsense® Shop

Thank you @Greg_E . Appreciate your feedback.