Pfsense hardware help

Hey there,

I have a 400mbps symmetrical connection currently running on the unifi usg, with a 16 port Poe switch and some APs. Want to learn some more networking and I love to fiddle so I’d love to venture into pfsense.

I was looking at an old HP t730 and wondered if that would be sufficient to run pfsense and not limit my speeds in any way?

Advice appreciated

I am not familiar with the HP t730 but It does not take much to run a connection that fast for basic routing. You can look at the specs of the Netgate boxes to get some performance comparison ideas.

Thanks Tom,

It looks like it’ll be more than enough for my needs.

I will watch some of your videos on installing and configuring. Strangely excited by this :sweat_smile:

Sorry this isn’t related directly but can you recommend a good nic to install ?

Was looking at the Intel I82575

Intel seem to be best supported.