Pfsense HAProxy

Hello Everyone,

Recently setup HAproxy on my SG2100 and it seemed to be working for my truenas (the only one i did so far). Definitely worth the effort for that lock symbol :grin:

My truenas is located at a different house and connected via site to site vpn. Well sad story my SG1100 is toast emmc failed (confirmed by netgate support), decided to toss in an edge router X and site to site VPN back to my house. The VPN is working i can access resources on both sides of the tunnel but HAproxy does not seem to work anymore.

I can get to my truenas via IP as usual but my does not work anymore.

Pinging returns the IP of my SG2100 lan interface which is normal.

Any help is appreciated.

If you can get to the TrueNAS and the backend IP is correct then I am not sure what’s missing. I have a guide on HAProxy troubleshooting here:

Thanks Tom!..checked this video out the other night but i was a little sleepy on the couch. Ill give it another watch today (and a like)…to see if I missed anything.

Just strange since the only thing that changed was the VPN from OpenVPN with SG1100 and SG2100 and now its an edge router x with IPSEC.

moment of silence for my SG1100…he was a good younger brother, worked his butt off, never complained about my changes or stupidity, my sg2100 will miss him. now he has an ugly step brother mr edge router x.

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