pfSense + HAProxy + power failure = 503


As an absolute noob, a few weeks ago I followed this guide to make my Home Assistant Green reachable through my own subdomain.

After a few tries it worked and had been working for weeks. Last night there was a power outage and today I’ve been getting a consistent 503 ( No server is available to handle this request. ) error from HAProxy. I can ping pfSense from HomeAssistant and the other way around. I can also reach Home Assistant using the local address. Nonetheless, I have no idea what else would require checking if not a single thing in the configuration was changed and all IP’s are statically mapped…

Thanks in advance for any help.

Make sure your IP address hasn’t changed on your home assistant server. You’ll want to make sure to create a static DHCP reservation.

503 means it cannot reach the server. This is the only answer.

None of the IP’s have changed, everything is statically mapped and the outside IP is fixed by the ISP.

I also checked the HAProxy backend and it is pointing to the correct IP.

You can try to reboot your firewall. I have actually seen this fix HAproxy issues before believe it or not.

In the past hours I have:

  1. Cleared all the browser data on the devices trying to connect.
  2. Retraced my config steps within HAProxy and acme. Everything seems OK.
  3. Restarted the services from the webConfigurator.
  4. Normally rebooted and rerooted pfSense on several occasions.

The 503 error persists.


[EDIT] I did read this thread on stackoverflow about two processes potentially running at the same time but I could not run the netstat command with the suggested parameters:

If you spot anything in these stats let me know: