PfSense HAProxy HTTP redirect

Hi, My first post/question here…
I’m pretty sure someone have asked this, but, is there any way to redirect HTTP to HTTPS using haproxy on pfsense?

I just configured it and everything is working fine. But, in order to reach my services/servers I have to type “” directly. The “” just time out…

Do I have to let port 80 open on firewall? If so, do I have to make changes on the haproxy frontend to “wan_ip:80” instead? Right now the frontend is “wan_ip:443”

Appreciate the help…


Have you added this to your frontend of haproxy and also opened up ports 80 and 443 on your firewall to allow for inbound connections?

Where it says WAN address (IPV4) put it’s port at 80

Thanks, I figured out.
On WAN rules, port 80 was/is not open. On front-end I will leave port 443 as is right now.

I don’t want to have port 80 exposed to the outside world.

My back-end are just personal services, not for public access. I just want to have access in case I need to use another computer.

Again, appreciate your time…