PFSense HAProxy Constant Dropped Terminal Connection

Hello, so i have my PFsense router set up with HAProxy to allow me to connect to my server services using a SSL cert and local only domain name.

Everything seems to work perfectly.

Except, when i access my unraid terminal through my browser.

For those unfamiliar, there’s an icon in the unraid dashboard that opens a new browser window with a linux terminal into the unraid system where you can run command line commands.

When i access my unraid terminal through HAProxy using my domain name, if the terminal is left idle for 20-30 seconds, it clears, and super quickly flashes a message “reconnected”.

However, if i access my unraid server directly through its IP address, the terminal will maintain its connection indefinitely.

Is this the normal behavior of HAProxy? Or do i have something not configured properly?

You might have to enable Use "forwardfor" option in the frontend settings.

That option is checked in my frontend settings.