PFsense HAproxy +ACME Question

I’m trying to get this setup with cloudflare DNS but I have a few questions.

  1. How can I tell if my Freenom/Cloudflare setup if functioning correctly?
  2. With this setup can I use to point to my nextcloud server or is that not possible with a free domain?
  3. Do you have to open ports 80/443 in order to have access to the nextcloud server from the internet? If so is there any reason to get the letsencrypt cert with DNS in that circumstance?
  1. Open up port 80 on your server firewall and setup an Apache server on your server and direct your domain name to that IP. If the start now page shows up you are good.
  2. You can point your domain name or subdomain to any IP address. If you cannot with your free domain, then you do not own a free domain.
  3. Port 80 for the certbot/letsencrypt domain verification and port 443 and 80 to use the letsencrypt SSL certificates. There are no warning on site landings compared to self signed certificates so it is designed for use in production environments with forward facing servers.

I setup a nginx web server as I’m not familar with apache. Opened port 80 and 443 to redirect to the IP of the server and added the line to my nginx.conf server_name IP_Address_of_Server;

From my network I can reach the server getting the NGINX page but from my cell phone it doesn’t connect.