pfSense HA - WAN Switch

Currently have a customer with a single Netgate pfSense forum, and a fiber terminated leased line.

Looking at getting another identical firewall, and running HA.

On the LAN side there’s an XG-16 UniFi switch with 10Gb DAC into the pfSense Box.

Has anyone ever used a Ubquiti Aggregate switch for the WAN side? Looks to be a reasonably priced SFP switch?

As for management, I was thinking I can either connect the XG-16 to the aggregate switch and do the WAN side stuff in it’s own VLAN, or just manage this switch on my AWS hosted UniFi controller?

I have not specifically tested it on the WAN side but it should work.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Going to quote my customer, it’ll probably be a Christmas break job due to the downtime that my customer will incur!

@LTS_Tom Do you do much in the way of switches between the router and the ISP? I’ve seen a lot more of this lately. More people investing in redundant routing and switching but still only have one ISP so a switch is used to connect the one ISP to the two HA routers. Thanks!