pfSense HA + USG-XG-8 config possible?

First at all I watch your videos now for some month an i really love it. It is really useful and well done.
I just want to know if there would be a solution for my prob:

Before I start I need to tell a bit about my network >> For my Network I used pfSense since the beginning (before I used the m0n0wall ;)).
I came in touch with ubnt because I had some nice 2,4Ghz and 5Ghz routs between 800 m and 12 km :wink: (over a mountain 1200 m high). I used Airgrids,… Then I tried the Unifi Wlan, Cloud key,… and I loved it. Last but not least I received the USG-XG-8 (because I have a 10G network) and my first impressions was very nice. But after playing around a bit I found out that the USG is not really a clever replacement for my pfSense. So may options are beta or not onboard os far. ;(
After whating hours and hours of your pfSense Videos I am back to pfsense. I want to build a pfsense HA system (2x HPE DL360 with 24 GB Ram SSDs an 2x10G LAN +4x1G). So far so good.

But iam really sad putting my USG-XG-8 to the shelf without any function. So now comes my question:
Do you see reasonable configuration where I can use the USG-XG-8 behind the pfsense HA?.

Thanks for your help. Greetings from Austria :wink:

Thanks for joining the forums! To my knowledge, the USG does not support HA so it would become the weak link in your setup.

THX Tom for the fast reply. Deep inside I knew that this will be your answer. What a pity for the USG but ok.
So I will do it without the USG and just take the pfSense HA.
Other question: do you know some pfsense packages who give me some more graphics like the USG? For example the “Traffic Stat” is really nice on USG.

Have a nice day.

I had a USG before I went to pfSense… ended up selling my USG because I didn’t think I could put it to good use.