PFSENSE HA 2nd subnet

Hi all,

Just looking for some thoughts/opinions on pfsense HA where there is a 2nd subnet involved.

To be more clear, The current design is a /29 which is terminated on 2 facing cisco routers (not HA), and then a /28 which is used internally for exposed devices.

The intent is to replace the cisco devices with 2 pfsense devices in HA, so 3 ip’s would be needed, completely understood there, but the /28, where do they sit ? do they just get assigned as virtual ip’s and will they just float between the active HA device?

I so far haven’t been able to find any clear documentation on pfsense for this sort of use case.

I welcome anyone’s comments who may have touched a similar config.



As I covered in my video all the internal IP’s and subnets are assigned to pfsense.

Thanks for the reply Tom !

I saw your video and as usual super good video :slight_smile:
Based on what your video shows the 2nd subnet on the WAN should just be added all as carp ip’s then ?

for example using fake ip’s of course. WAN to ISP
so could be ISP Gateway PF - 1 PF - 2 PF - VIP/CARP

and so on.

then just build your 1 to 1 nat rules or whatever using the CARP ip rather than a normal virtual ips and they should float from one to the other as needed.

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