Pfsense Freeradius and Unifi

I have Pfsense at the head the my xcp-ng infrastructure.
I then have a unifi conroller vm on that same network.
I have a client on its own infrastructure but using our unfi hosted controller.

We set a unifi portal with voucher and this is ok. We are now trying to create a radius login so the staff can connect as and when.

The client is also using pfsense so I install freeradius package.

In freeradius client I created one call ‘unifi’ and put the unifi public IP in it.This is correct?
Do I need to create any rules for the Freeradius on the client side or mine?
When I ran the following from the unifi controller
radtest unifitest password clientstaticip 1812 UnifiSecretKey
I get the following:
(0) No reply from server for ID 224 socket 3

Can anyone please advise?

Thank you