Pfsense firewall rules (is it a bug?)

pfsense wtf?

Hi every one,
today I started playing with my new server but I’m experiencing something very strange.
I set up a port on my pfsense router with a new network. I set up the port with a static IP, I made the rule in the firewall and updated the DCHP server.
I dont’ know how I’m not able to access the internet from this network actually from inside the network I fail to ping everything even the router,
but from the router I have no problem pinging the server.

I leave at this link all the screenshot of my configuration.

Your rule appears to only allow TCP traffic. Ping doesn’t use TCP, you need ICMP. Either add another rule for ICMP or change the TCP to any, obviously doing that allows all protocols so is a potential security risk, but I’m presuming you are just trying to test things.