PFsense firewall behind home router

Hi people!
I’m new here kkkkkk
I have a question, how can I set up a VPN behind a ROUTER.

Where I use my home ISP ip my VPN does not work.

Any idea ?

Howdi - new here too!

Have you enabled port forwarding for VPN traffic on your router to allow it to reach your firewall?

I agree with @osvalcosta. So if you have pfsense behind your router do you have your router in bridge mode to where your pfsense has the public IP or your home router has the public IP? Just making sure I understand your setup.

If the home router doesn’t let you set bridge mode, configure the IP address as a DMZ. This way the firewall in the home router will not stop anything. I have my network setup this way.


Hi Jeff, thanks for your quick reply will do it and later on I will give u a feedback

I’m guessing you are trying to set up the server portion of the VPN at home? If so, then yes you’ll need to forward the port, bridge mode, or DMZ to make the server visible.

Also if you don’t have a static IP, you’ll probably want to set up something like No IP to manage the ip address changes that your ISP will throw at you.

I know this is an old topic, but I figure someone might come searching for info on this, so…

In some situations (AT&T Fiber, for example), you might have a modem/router that will allow this little feature:

This allows the modem to maintain the internet connection, but passes off the public IP to a network host via DHCP. I like this because the setup on the device is easy and can change as needed if you have a dynamic IP. It also allows you to easily change the host if you, like me, experiment and play. It’s a simple drop down list of MAC addresses from devices on the network. Choose the MAC, hit save, and done. Also, if the device configured to get the IP is absent, the modem takes that IP.

I was surprised an ISP device had a feature in it that was actually useful.