PFSense extra ips via GRE Tunnel

Is there anyone that has quite a bit of experience with PFSense and GRE tunnels forExtraIPS.

We now use a Mikrotik with a GRE tunnel from (Site is in dutch).

But the point is we got this working on Mikrotik but cannot figure it out on PFSense.

Let me explaim the goal and how it should, and so how it works now.

We setup a GRE tunnel to the ExtraIP service and we get a bunch of IPS back.
Those IPS are deliverd to a VLAN on the Mikrotik at the moment.
So when we put a device (Router, Server, test machine or whatever) in that VLAN we can set a static IP on it that we get from ExtraIP over the GRE tunnel.

So the Mikrotik does no Firewalling etc. It just translates the IPS so to say and passes them to the VLAN.

But we wpuld like to have some more control so to say and a more comfortable platform like PFSense to setup the tunnel. This because we know a bit of the Mikrotik and got this to work, but ho boy, it has some strange fhings etc.

So please don’t tell us to just use the Mikrotik, we want to at least try to get this to work on PFSense…

Also if you want to try this for yourseld you can apply for a test subnet you will get is for 7 days for testimg. Its a really nice service.

We need it for our selfs because we cannot get any more ips from our IPS in the Office, and in the near future for some clients that can only get one static ip form the ISP but need more for some extra things in the network.

Hope that someone knows how to set this up and can guide / help is or maybe someone wants to try to get it to work with the free subnet.

Hi @Kavaa i have it working on pfsense for both ipv4 and ipv6

Unfortunately i m not able to paste the images so it is a little bit harder to explain