Pfsense - Export utility - custom bundle name?


Currently after the bundle is installed the name of the VPN on devices is:

Can this be changed by using the additional configuration options or any other options?

For our corporate environments there needs to be a less messy name like:

Any help would be appreciated.

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I have never needed to change it so I have never looked into if there is a way to do it. We just download the file and rename it.

Hey Tom!

Thank you for the reply.

As I need to deploy the bundled .exe to a couple of 100’s of employees, I want the config name to be changed inside the .exe.

After scouring the internet some more, I found a solution, using 7-Zip, open the.exe as an archive, open the config folder and just rename the .ovpn file only. Now I am able to distribute the altered installation bundle with the custom .ovpn connection name. ( There was a requirement that the name be less “messy” :D.

*Also- big fan of your videos!

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