(pfSense) Errors out when using WireGuard

Interface statistics pic

Is there any log I can check in pfsense to see why I get errors out on my WireGuard VPN interface when connecting via VPN remotely from a windows PC? It doesn’t happen when connecting via WireGuard from an iPhone.

I’ve followed guides on setting the proper MTU, but it didn’t help.

There are not a lot of errors messages from Wiregaurd in general. The handshake succeeds or fails. You can post the logs from your Windows device here, (text is preferred instead of screen shots)

Yea the handshake works fine, in fact if it wasn’t for the “errors out” on the interface statistics in pfsense I wouldn’t even know there was an issue. Everything seems to work fine when using the VPN. Since I posted this yesterday the errors out increased from 2024 to over 3000 now, and I only used WireGuard for a little over 20 minutes. The errors out number increases by about 20-40 every minute.

What logs from windows would you like to see?

I never really use it in Windows but I would assume there some type of connection log. Also check if you can ping the WG interfaces and check if the routes get created.

I found the WireGuard logs on the windows machine, but everything looks good according to them.

I see the icmp come through on pfsense and it looks fine.

So I’m not sure what the issue is.