Pfsense Error - Could not connect to /var/run/php-fpm.socket

Hi Folks

My PFSENSE version is 2.5.2-RELEASE. I am facing a serious issue with my setup


I am not able to access my PFSENSE web interface. My system.log is getting filled with the following error

check_reload_status[54097]: Could not connect to /var/run/php-fpm.socket

I tried restarting the WebConfigration from the SSH console option 11. But it makes no difference.


When i try to restart the entire PFSENSE server , it goes crazy.

  • Some of the services on PFSENSE dont auto start (dhcpd, unbound resolver, PFBlocker service)
  • i loose connection to the internet. and to the Mikrotik CRS328 switch (which is the main switch to which everything is connected)
    The only way to rectify this is to restart my Mikrotik CRS328 switch. This atleast restores all the connections and i get internet access back, but Pfsense web interface is not accessible.

Any Ideas on how to resolve this issue

Sounds like a corrupted install or possibly failing hardware , trying wiping and reloading.

Thanks. The boot disk is configured in mirror configuration. Would i be able to use the mirror or would the mirror boot disk also be corrupted. My guess is that since its mirroring the corruption would also be mirrored. Is my understanding correct ?

Yes, format both disks and reload.