pfSense & Encrypted rsyslog?

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First time post. Thank you for all the great videos!

I’m a Papertrail log aggregation user from my dev days and was interested in shipping my pfSense logs over encrypted rsyslog there. I was able to successfully do so with my previous firewall by Zyxell and I found it tremendously useful.

On a CentOS box, I needed to install a couple of additional libs, but it worked. As it’s based on FreeBSD, I assume it is possible to do.

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I have never tried, but it may be possible. It does natively supports external logging options to an external server under >Status >System >Logs Settings

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So Papertrail supports syslog-ng, which is also available for FreeBSD. In theory, couldn’t I install the necessary syslog-ng libs via the shell and manually configure it?