pfSense+ - enabling QoS for VOIP

I’m a complete and total novice in the ways of VOIP. However, I decided to set up my phone on my own, despite it being a business line. I chose Telnyx as a trunk and 3CX as a pbx(hosted by them) and all was well for a couple days. Now, the system is erratic despite my 3CX console reporting all systems go.

I realize that I never enabled any type of VOIP QoS on my SG2100 and would like to do so. I’m finding sort of conflicting instruction sets and so I’m coming here to find out the CORRECT way to do this.

I’ve got one WAN interface and (2) LAN interfaces in pfSense. One is my my LAN and the other is a vLan for my Internet of Insecure Things. So, it’s:

Cable Modem–> SG2100 -->Switch

What is the correct way to give VOIP 100% priority above all else?

I don’t think QoS will fix your issue since it would only be applied for traffic that runs on your gear. Once the traffic hits your ISP and beyond it is treated as any other traffic. The general rule is that QoS is only effective if you can apply it completely from one end to the other. If you still plan to implement it, make sure you configure it on your switch as well.

Good point - I never thought about this. I found out that Telnyx is currently under DDoS attacks - geez.

So while it won’t fix this issue, is it still advisable to set this up on my SG2100 and my switch, if for no other reason than to make sure all my other machines here in the shop(downloading Windows updates, watching youtube, etc) don’t get better LAN priority than my phone?

My recommendation would be to monitor the usage first to see if you are hitting your bandwidth limit. I would setup a policy that limits the amount of outbound and inbound traffic on your WAN interface to match what you should be getting from the ISP. For example, if you have a 100M circuit, then limit your bandwidth to that and setup an alert when it gets within 90% utilization.

You could also create policies that limit the amount of bandwidth for those specific services so they don’t saturate your internet connection.