pfSense Dual WAN Load Balancing question

Yesterday the ISP gods blessed me with a second 1gb fiber internet connection, may not have two internet connections for very long but want to try out dual WAN options in pfSense while I have the opportunity.

Currently I’m working off of an old video of Tom’s pfSense Dual Wan Failover setup guide for redundant WAN connections. - YouTube I have both WAN connections working it is just not load balancing. If I fail one, either in pfSense or unplug a cable it will fail over but will stick with one gateway

WAN Gateways:

Gateway Groups:

I have tried both “Auto” and my Gateway group, any thoughts?

Established connections stay where they are unless they are broken. Once broken they stay there, even if their previous route comes back. New states always go to the first available default route.

Hey Tom thanks for the reply,

I was aware of that, but it like the sticky setting is enabled, I tried from multiple different hosts on LAN side and it was always the same gateway. Following Netgate’s documentation I also tried using curl to all of their test URL’s and it was always the same GW. I reloading the OS now so I can start fresh.

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On the firewall rule that allows internet access, under advanced options have you changed the gateway from default ?



You are a rock star!! That was the missing piece, it was still set to default. I have changed it to my GW group and is now working as expected.