pfSense dual WAN for a single IP

Is it possible to setup dual WAN for a single IP address? I’ve ordered a 4G Modem and planning on using a PAYG SIM for connectivity. I’ve got a feeling it needs to be on the same subnet as AppleTV if I want home assistant to continue to work. No biggy to move it to it’s own subnet and just use the native app etc.

The primary objective is to have failover for Tado heating as it has a bit of a fit if it looses connection to the internet.
I don’t want to use all the data allowance in an instant with the other traffic.
Most of the other stuff I could care if they lost connectivity.

Don’t know for sure, but I’d guess you could put your WAN gateways into a gateway group. However if your ISP WAN goes down it will switch over to the mobile but won’t then switch back when the ISP is backup. You’d likely have to do that manually.

In your rules you just need a rule for exiting via the gateway group rather than the ISP WAN for example.

I have exactly this configuration here. It fails over to 4G if my wired internet loses connectivity & automatically fails back when the connection returns. It’s so seamless that I don’t even get a pause when streaming.

This is how I have things configured:

Dual GW

Setting the gateway monitoring & tiers in the gateway group is key. On the wired connection I monitor and on the 4G connection I tick “Disable Gateway Monitoring Action” so the 4G gateway is considered to be always up.

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You can also configure which routes the internal devices will use, if you do not want to use the default.

Create a firewall rule for the source ip’s , click on advanced options , you change change the gateway from the default settings which you have configured ‘Default gateway ipv4’ under gateways

You can have multiply gateway groups and assign them as required.

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@witzendcs that’s a good tip on the tier, I don’t have a 2nd WAN to test that but good to know it does switch back to ISP from mobile !

Many thanks all, I will investigate further with above comments in mind when the unit (Netgear LM1200) arrives and I’ve picked up an EE PAYG sim card.

Remember not to tick , on the interface for the 4G connection.

You will have to configure the LM1200 lan port with an ip address not used on your internal network, and use static IP on the interface with the gateway the LM2100 ip address.

Many thanks.

Default out of the box I think it’s in bridge mode.
Bogon networks I believe fall into the CGNAT mobile carrier space, so will untick that I think.

Planning on VLAN tagging the WAN2 interface to the existing WAN interface, but we’ll see. I have a Sophos XG135 Rev3 with various spare ports, so have options. I may also press my R220 back into service, but that only has two interfaces so VLAN tagging.

Done a bit more reading and get what pointers people mention above, so many thanks. Will hopefully be delivered tomorrow.