Pfsense - Dual Networks

Objective: Two networks

So I am trying to setup two private networks


I have two routers setup as access points. I am wondering how to have both connected to the pfsense.
I watched videos from Lawernce on vlans.

Do i need to bridge the lan and make an opt1 to have both networks talk? Saw about bridged mode also openwrt?

Current setup is Internet → pfsense 2 nic mini pc → managed netgate switch

Switch- port 1- pfsense
Port 2 - router in ap mode
Port 3 - pihole( for dns)
Port 4 - router in ap mode

All help is appreciated.

If the switch supports VLANs then that would be an easy way to set it up.

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You need to setup port 1 on the switch as a trunk port and assign specific VLANS to ports 2 and 4. You can then create VLAN interfaces on the pfSense that can talk to the APs.

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Yep, you’ll need a layer 2 switch to accomplish what you are looking for.

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So just to confirm
Modem → pfsense nic 1 has modem nic 2 on pfsense lan → nic2 hooked to switch

P1 - pfsense with Lan set at Vlan 10 on lan)
P2 - tplink router set to ap for lan() :
P3 - pihole
P4 - netgear router : in ap vlan 20

Netgear 350 managed switch
Vlan 10 - lan - router 1 ports vlan 1,10,20
Vlan 20 - work - router 2 ports vlan 1,20
Management vlan at 10?
Pvid set to ports 2 and 3 with 1/4 being trunk tagged vlans