Pfsense Download speed slow

Hello can you help me because im having a trouble with my pfsense, i have a DL speed of 20mb and UL speed of 20mb.
-from isp router direct connection im getting them at full speed
-but whem i plug in the pfsense im only getting below 2mb for the DL and 18-20mb for the UL,
-No special setting or package install on my pfsness SG_2440 just DHCP Server
-Pfsense fresh install 2.4.4 version
-Topology ISP>pfsense>switch>AP

Hopefully you can help me thanks.

Try this


Thanks a lot this works with my problem .

@LTS_Tom I have the same problem with my pfsense protectli box and xfinity internet. My 150mb down has been cut in half, upload is fine. I’ve done what you referred too here but nothing has worked. I also ran a speed test from within pfsense speedtest-CLi and my download is normal, what gives? I can connect my laptop directly to my cable modem and my download speed is normal but when I reconnect my pdsense to the modem then connect my laptop to pfsense I’m cut in half again.

Did you follow the CodelQ / FQ_Codel video and have you tried tweaking the setting at all?

Yes, and I remembered that I have an UniFi USG, For laughs I hooked it up, and guess what, it also has the same issue, my download speed is cut in half.

My TinFoil hat is really on now.:wink: Could xfinity be throttling my download speed or something else?

I just did a fresh install of pfsense 2.6.0
250GB Samsung SSD
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1270 v3 @ 3.50GHz 32GB Ram
The only thing I changed was the default ip for the lan. I have an internet connection 1GBx50 and I am unable to even reach 200-300 on my download. I then disabled hardware checksum offload and rebooted. Nothing seems to be helping. I even tried the guid from the link. Any ideals/thoughts?