pfSense doesnt like my Intel X710 NIC


Was torn whether to post here or in servers and infrastructure.

Second post on my attempt to build a 10G pfSense box (local ISP offers up to 8 GBit residential).

Found myself a refurbished Dell R330, and separately an Intel X710 2 port SFP+ NIC

Updated iDRAC, FW etc etc (but not the Intel NIC FW as iDRAC doesnt like that its a non-Dell card). I posted previously on the FW issue but not sure that’s the cause of my current issue (FW version seems compatible with the FreeBSD driver for the card).

I’m having trouble getting the SFP+ ports working (using Dell/Intel compatible SFP+ 10GBase-T modules). I install pfSense (on a separated test VLAN behind my production pfSense box) and setup WAN and LAN using the onboard 1GBE ports on the server - all good so far, can get to the UI and out to the internet etc.

I swap the LAN to one of the SFP+ ports (and interface) but pfSense never sees the port as ‘up’, and now I cant access the UI.

Pulling my hair out a little on this one. Not sure what to try next so any suggestions very welcome.

I did wonder whether there may be a need to manually (somehow) set the SFP+ module down to 1GB (no idea how one might do that from the console though). The port is 1GBE on the switch side.

If I reset the cables back to the 1GBE ports and update the interfaces everything starts working again.


You can download drivers for FreeBSD from Intel® Ethernet Network Adapter X710 - Product Info, Docs, Support…

There is also a Ethernet Port Configuration Tool for FreeBSD

Drivers are dated 29/7/2022

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Thanks again @Paul, I may have misunderstood, but arent the drivers compiled in the kernel for pfSense/FreeBSD (So not something I can easily update or replace?). Happy to be told Im wrong on that.


I have no clue, do not know FreeBSD

Our clients base are small, we always use Protecli devices

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Thanks @Paul - managed to get the card installed and working in a spare desktop, turns out the firmware version was the issue, updating it resulted in the card coming up straight away.