Pfsense dnsbl vs OpenDNS / CloudFlare

What’s people’s proffered route for blocking porn and homework cheat websites etc?

Run dnsbl or forward to OpenDNS servers etc.

Already using pfblocker for IP based blocking.

I personally use pfblocker for my blocking needs. If you were going to use an actual provider then I would suggest nextdns for their more privacy centered values over opendns.

Will have a look further. With the UT adult category, which I know is huge and warnings about nothing from it blocks. Yet adverts from the default DNSBL are blocked. Will review later. I’ve blocked other DNS servers and QUIC ports etc.

Will have a look at .nextdns too. Used Quad9 when I was running Sophos XG. The easier option is to revert to Sophos XG

I use quad 9 for my upstream DNS and all my devices use DNSBL so I have the best of both worlds.

I will review my dnsbl config again.