PFSense DNS subdomains/zones

Hi All,
I’m using a PFSense box to run my DNS server. I’m trying to setup an OpenShift cluster. The cluster expects itself to be in a subdomain. Is there any good examples for adding a subdomain into the PFSense DNS stuff. I’m pretty sure it has to do with local-zone and local-data? I’m gonna do some more research tomorrow but thought I’d throw a line out.


If you are using the DNS Resolver and want it to lookup records for a specific domain at a specific server provided by the cluster (instead of at the default servers configured under General Setup), you can add a domain override in the DNS Resolver settings. Make sure to enable the correct outgoing interface as well.

For example, if you create an override for, all requests below that (e.g. will be forwarded to the cluster’s DNS server.