Pfsense DNS from DHCP uses global domain (possible bug?)

Hi all,

I have been very happy with my pfSense setup, but there is one thing irking me. In the DHCP Resolver settings page, you’ll see these two options:

I have found these very useful. But there is a bug (I think). Both options link to System > General Setup to set the domain, but they use different domains. Let’s say I set the Domain field at the top of System > General Setup to mycoolnet.

Local DNS names assigned via the DHCP Registration option use this global domain, so you get mycoolhost.mycoolnet. However, hosts with static DHCP reservations get the domain specific to that DHCP server instance. So if I set the domain name for a specific DHCP server to mycoolsubnet, then static entries get myothercoolhost.mycoolsubnet. But this is confusing because then you have multiple devices on the same subnet using the same DHCP server but with different domain names. How can I get the non-static reservations to use the DHCP instance-specific domain?

This does seem possible since it is using the instance-specific domain for the static leases, but I guess it would require something outside of the web UI since this seems like a UI/configuration bug. Or this is by design and I am missing something.

This is running on pfSense 2.4.5-RELEASE-p1.


Ah, I think I found the bug: