pfSense - Difficulty interpreting why connection is being blocked

I’m actually having an issue with what I believe is failure of xcp-ng to complete a delta backup of a VM. I keep getting a HTTP connection timeout error after 6 min.

Looking into the issue farther - I think it’s most likely a firewall issue.

My xo installation is located at (Native/untagged LAN). XO is installed within an Ubuntu VM.
My xcp-ng installation is located at (VLAN 40).

After starting the delta backup process from within XO, I’m getting a bunch of blocking lines within my firewall logs similar to:

The way I’m interpreting this is an IPV4 connection from is trying to connect to on port 443 but is being blocked by default deny rule IPv4.

But where is this default deny rule??? Looking at the firewall rules for LAN, you can see a lot of redundant rules – in fact I added on specifically for this use case. Many of the rules overlap. Here is my entire ruleset for LAN:

Am I not looking in the correct session to try to debug why the connection is being blocked?