pfSense DHCP WAN gateway question

I’m almost embarrassed to post this, as I feel I should know it…

I’ve got an installation with three WAN connections. The two primary WAN connections are static assignments with their assigned IP blocks. This is all I’ve ever configured with pfSense, and the gateways are appropriately configured for them.

The third WAN connection is where I’m hitting a wall. It’s a DCHP interface. If I’m reading the pfSense documentation correctly, pfSense automatically creates a dynamic GW for an interface whose IP is assigned by DHCP. But I did not get any gateway. I could, in theory, create one, but I don’t know what to put for the IP address of the gateway if I do that.

Is there some secret to getting the gateway? If I’m missing some pfSense documentation, I’d appreciate a link.

Thanks in advance!

Plug in another device, see what IP/GW it gets, then put those settings in pfsense. But if the upstream provider does not provide a IP/GW there is some other isssue.

Is your finicky 3rd WAN line coming in from a cable modem by any chance? Did you get a WAN IP at all? You may want to try to reboot the cable modem. This worked for me when my spare pfSense box would not get an IP from the ISP.

I was able to go to the site this afternoon. Yes, it was a cable modem, and doing a power-cycle solved everything. pfSense recognized the connection and automatically created the gateway for me. Now I need to get a iOT plug that I can use to remotely power-cycle the device if this happens again. Hopefully, it won’t, but I’m a believer in Murphy’s Law. :smiley:

Thanks so much for the suggestions Tom and CableDude.

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Glad this worked for you :slight_smile: Though I don’t think you should need to worry all that much about this happening again. The device has now received an IP from your ISP and its MAC address is in the remote DHCP clients table. It will reconnect after reboot or power failure I believe.
I’m afraid an IoT plug won’t be all that helpful because just when you would need that plug, the network that it is on is disconnected from the internet, unless you tied it to another network? Cellular? You could consider a weekly or daily reboot at night by using a time clock plug, if the device can take some beating.

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There are three WAN connections on this site, so there would be communication back on the other two WAN connections for the remote access. If all three go down, then a remote plug won’t matter and a physical trip to the site will likely be a requirement. Thanks again for the help.