Pfsense DHCP server question? Not the typical questions

Here is a not what you are thinking question for using pfsense as a DHCP server. I think the answer is, it can’t do this, but going to ask anyway.

Is there a way for pfsense to poll the LAN to see if there is a DHCP server running, and if not then fire up its own DHCP server?

I have a video production system that is going to sometimes be connected to my network, and sometimes not be connected to my network. When it is connected, I’ll want this system to use the DHCP server on my network for interoperability with the rest of this network. There is going to be a lot of multicast traffic, and I don’t want to route this as it brings it down to unicast (there are issues here).

But when it rolls out to an area where I don’t have my network, I’ll need a DHCP server that can handle the IP addresses, as well as route out to the web (streaming video out to youtube, farcebook, etc.).

The easy solution would be to put a power switch on a router, keep it off when connected to my network, turn it on when not connected. But I know my users and they will without question mess this up!

I’m also considering Zentyal, it has some routing features and all the DHCP I would want, but not sure if it can work the way I want either. It’s almost like wanting a backup DHCP server, which recent Windows Server versions might be able to do, but not wanting to run a license like this. The gateway address also brings up a possible issue that I’ll need to solve.

To simply answer your question, no. I also don’t understand what you are trying to accomplish by you wanting it on the network but you don’t really want it on your network. And for your workaround about a power switch on a router? I’m not sure what you gain from that. If you want separation from the network then create a new vlan with all the rules you want. If you want to switch between them, then do it at the managed switch level. Or if this is over wifi then get an access point that you can switch between networks.