Pfsense dhcp reservation

I have deployed a handful of Linux VMs and so what I generally do is have them pick up a DHCP address and then reserve it within my AD server.
On Pfsense this doesn’t seem to be possible but I could be missing something. I attempt to reserve a DHCP address after its been assigned going to Status > DHCP Leases and then clicking on the plus action next to my lease where it says to add static mapping. I fill in the fields and I get an error stating that “The IP address must not be within the DHCP range for this interface.”
Its easier for me to reserve on the firewall or server end then it is on Linux side especially when they are containers and they get any address in the pool.

What am I missing here?

That message “The IP address must not be within the DHCP range for this interface" means exactly what is says, you have to specify an IP outside of the range you set within the DHCP range but withing the scope of that interface.

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Hey Tom. Maybe im not understanding but the IP which has been allocated cant be reserved because I have to create a pool for it before its allocated?

No, you don’t need to create a separate pool for that. But in pfSense the “D” in DHCP really does mean dynamic. All addresses in the DHCP pools are meant to be given out to DHCP clients that are not mapped statically. Static leases must use IP addresses outside of the DHCP pool, but within the network, as Tom pointed out. Just like you shouldn’t statically configure an IP address inside the DHCP pool on a machine that doesn’t use DHCP.