pfSense DHCP leases not updating DNS resolver

Since updating to “Kea DHCP” as the old one gives warnings about deprecation, the DHCP server no longer updates the internal DNS resolver with leased names and addresses.

Version: pfSense CE: 2.7.2-RELEASE

I tried going back to ISC DHCP (the deprecated one) but it no longer works either, I also restarted the service.

Is there a switch or option that I have to set that I am overseeing? Anyone have an idea?

I have not moved over to Kea DHCP due to it not being feature complete, that is probably one of the missing features.

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Probably, then the server shouldn’t be pushing towards ISC being deprecated. Very misleading and very frustrating.

This feature does appear to be available in Kea, but there may not be a button yet in pfsense.

The age old trade off of security vs convenience. Do you run long deprecated software on your router that is root AND that everything in the network touches, or do you forgo this inconvenience for a while? Most choose the dangerous route until the button shows up. The power of the button is strong.

@liquidjoe that’s funny. No chance of me being a first responder I’ve had a lot of experience of Microsoft in the past they frequently messed up their fixes, waiting 2 weeks usually told you enough about whether it works or not.

I get what you are saying and you do have a point from a pfsense perspective. But Kea is only new to pfsense. It’s been around for a long time and isc-dhcp has been dead for a long time as well.

The risk in this context is how well pfsense implements the GUI to the server software below - are they a microsaft? Given the OP can’t switch back (I have read that before) you might be very well served to way another 2 release cycles before trusting netgate. Just swallow the risk that running a long deprecated dhcp server entails.

Hopefully my ramblings will help the OP feel better about the decision he is stuck in.