pfSense config files & editing them

Hi all,

I have a medium sized multi tenant building that i look after with two WAN inputs on Netgate hardware, an SG-6100. Both WAN are presented on copper, WAN0 is actually the backup line and WAN1 is the primary line. This is only due to the fact WAN0 was originally the primary until we got 1:1 Gigabit leased line.

Anyway, WAN0 Backup line 500:50Mbps
WAN1 Primary 1:1Gbps
Hardware is SG-6100
FW running 23.01 and system patches to current

I have a gateway group setup, with Member down criteria. WAN1 is Tier1, WAN0 Tier2. This seemingly works absolutely perfectly as you would expect. There are a number of statics routed via VIPs and NAT, but all use the Gateway group as their gateway so if primary goes down they still have internet without the Static assignments.

The weird thing im seeing is not with any of the people using statics, but random normal internet users. If WAN0 (backup line fails) this should not affect the internet to people at all as the default gateway is still the primary line. However in the past week WAN0 has had issues and packet loss, its red on the dashboard, but random VLANs in then center lose internet until i either totally disable WAN0 or reboot the modem for it to come back. There is no traffic over the WAN0 still but internet returns only when the afore mentioned actions are taken.

I dont have proof but i think this is only since moving to 23.01, but i couldnt swear to that. Is there some sort of Interface priority i dont know about? Does primary HAVE to be on WAN0 and backup on WAN1?

If the above is correct my question is also, can i easily edit the config file to swap the interfaces around, or should i just reconfig through the GUI?

Lots to take in sorry TL:DR i know but its frustrating that these simple things dont work.

For your static leases, what gateway are they using in their config?

Forgive the immediate ignorance. Where will I find this?

The Statics are applied with NAT

Are you saying you set a static lease for these in the DHCP server on pfsense?