pfSense & Cisco Catalyst 2960 VLAN Questions

I created a VLAN in pfSense:

Here’s a look at the Rules for the pfSense VLAN:

Here is the info for the Cisco Switch’s VLAN:
imgur/a/wQUx2bk (sorry, I can only post 2 links it seems because I’m new)

Here is the VLAN interface/IP summary:
imgur/a/5ywbDrz (sorry, I can only post 2 links it seems because I’m new)

Issue I’m having is I will plug in a Raspberry Pi that’s running a webserver, but it only gets an APIPA ip when it’s connected to FA0/1 on the switch where the VLAN is configured. I’m completely lost on what to do to get it an IP on the VLAN, so any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated!

Welp, I was hoping assigning an VLAN ip on the Raspberry Pi Server would fix it and it did for one page load then stopped working. So not really sure what’s going on here.

i would check your trunk settings on the interface going from the switch to the router.

Good idea! I went in and enabled switchport trunking on my gi0/1 interface. However I still can’t seem to get a 192.168.69.X ip address on the Raspberry Pi when I connect it to fa0/1 on the switch. It only gives an APIPA ip and it’s not routing to the internet.

check which vlans are allowed over the trunk and check the native vlan setting on the port going to the pi. i also cant see your pfsense setting but you want to make sure you have a DHCP server for that vlan