pfSense Central Management

We are looking into using pfSense firewalls and possibly deploying them across our client base. Is there currently a centralized management solution that will allow us to manage multiple pfSense firewalls in a single dashboard?

No, there is not any official one. I have never use it, but this company offers that as a service

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We’ll take a look at this.
Thanks Tom!

Untangle is another good option that does come with a central management system.


@LTS_Tom what do you guys use for central pfsense mgmt?

We don’t do central management for pfsense but we do monitor it with Zabbix

Can someone here confirm that Untangle can be used to orchestrate pfSense devices ? (At least this is what I understood from the threat an a really short first glance at the Untangle website)

Untangle is a firewall and pfsense is a firewall. Untangle offers a dashboard for central management for Untangle Firewalls but NOT for any other firewall, including pfsense.

Thanks Tom - I supposed that Untangle would most likely not offer central management for other firewalls… So DynFi is still the only product out there ? I am still looking for better alternatives since DynFi does not really offer, what nowadays is understood as orchestration…

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