pfSense CARP IP does not respond to PING from LAN

We are using two pfSense virtual firewalls as a load balancer and all the back and forth works perfectly. However, when the virtual IP we want to use is a CARP it does not respond to PING. If I switch it back to IP Alias it’ll immediately respond. However, that of course breaks the HA we want with the VIP. Our configuration has the WAN interface disabled. Only the LAN interface is enabled. I didn’t think it was necessary to add a Firewall rule if it’s LAN traffic, but maybe there’s something I’m overlooking.

Check the firewall rules, you can do CARP between LAN only.

Not sure what settings need to be added in firewall rules. Video tutorial I wanted dealt with WAN interface, not LAN like I’m using

Was only able to upload 1 image first time.

I have a whole video on HA Proxy here

And a video here explaining how to do HA