Pfsense CARP and Dual WAN Address Change

I took over managing a network that uses dual Pfsense firewalls in HA with CARP and dual WAN at multiple locations.

We changed ISP for our secondary circuit at one location so that means I have to change the Gateway, Interface and CARP VIP on each box. I was hoping someone could just give me a sanity check as I plan switching the IPs.

My plan is to 1. Temporarily Disable CARP, 2. delete the CARP VIP for the old WAN2, 3. change the Gateway and Interface name and IP addresses, 4. create a new CARP VIP, and then complete all these steps on the second box and then finally reenable CARP.

Does anyone see an obvious problem or am I overthinking this?

That sounds correct, disable CARP & HA, make changes, then re-enable.

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Thank you Tom. Appreciate it.