Pfsense Captive Portal Error

Hello everyone, this topic may have been posted here and if so, forgive me for asking again since I haven’t found the answer to my specific situation. I have a pfsense captive portal that uses the internal user management. My problem is that I have certain Windows Devices that cannot connect to the portal. They always have an error that says “You have been logged out” even when they have just logged in.

Welcome to the community not sure how much help I can offer for captive port as I rarely use it. You may also want to post in the pfsense forums.

What are the commonalities between the devices that work and the ones that don’t?

They are all the same in terms of their hardware. By the way I forgot to mention that when they have successfully logged in they should be redirected to a website but for some it doesn’t. I’m not sure if the problem is with DNS for those particular machines.

Captive portal from any firewall or application is ALWAYS terrible. Sometimes cache gets users hung up and redirects don’t work like they should or the browser isn’t supported. Or it simply doesn’t work at all. Captive portal is a mixed bag and strongly doesn’t get a recommendation by me to be used in any production environment.