Pfsense Captive Portal authenticate with ADDS LDAP or RADIUS

Hi everyone,

I’m just wondering if anyone here tried Pfsense Captive Portal authenticate with ADDS LDAP or RADIUS?

I’ve been struggling doing this for a month now and I can’t get it through. And I don’t know what I am missing here. Hoping someone could help/enlighten me with this. Here’s my setup.

My DHCP, DNS, ADDS, NPAS is on my Windows Server 2019. My RADIUS and LDAP are already bind successfully on my Pfsense CE v.2.5.1 - I configure my Captive Portal on my Pfsense then after I login my AD LDAP or Radius credentials on my Captive Portal login page still I can’t access on my Internet. Then weird thing is I can do but every time I click any links on google I cant proceed to that link or any link anymore. My Internet is working good if I disable my Captive Portal. I attached video below for reference. TIA!

pfsense captive portal problem

Not something I have ever configured, might be worth posting in the Netgate Forums

Hi Sir thanks for the reply. I already solved it Sir. I wrong putting the IP Address of my Windows Server instead of public google dns server. Thanks again!!