Pfsense - can ping ext IP but not resolve names

I can ping internet IPs, like or but no name resolution.
Pfsence 2.7.0. I have 4 networks, all running normally. Just added this new network: Interface added and enabled, IP given to it, assigned to lan network em0 port (same as others that are working), enabled DHCP on the interface, created simple firewall rules to allow traffic (same as others that are working). Then I joined the network, and got an IP. I can ping internet IPs like no problem. but pings to domain names like fail.
Whats the best steps for troubleshooting? This is what I see for this network under system logs / firewall…

did you configure/enable DNS Resolver?

yes, DNS resolver is enabled

since you did not post any screens, In DNS Resolver,
Network Interfaces ALL,
Outgoing ALL,
dnssec checked, and
the last 3 checked.

and DNS resolver is running.
Still, you cannot ping ?

Hi pnye

I can ping google tld cause on my dns config on pfsense on my general setup where dns is configure i add and


Can you try and reconfigure. system-general setup and see if your dns is configured

Yes to all the settings except the last 3 were not checked. I checked them but still no ping to

I can ping or from the other networks without an issue, except when Im connected to the network GGCA-Seniors

Are you using ping from the pfsense diagnosis ping page? and when you say other networks, how you pinging google from this networks?

No Im pinging from a device connected by wifi to any of the other networks.
I am testing dns by either opening a website on a browser or using the Net Analyzer app

If you are saying that three networks are fine and the 4th isn’t resolving then it’s a config problem, just compare with the network that is resolving.

let’s say your pfsense is and DNS is (pfsense basic setup). Two LANs defined, primary and seniors DHCP configured for both LAN offering ip from .100-.200. DNS resolver running.

connect a laptop to the primary lan, it gets and dns is
It pings by name

connect the laptop to the seniors lan, it gets and dns is
It does not ping by name.

Is this right?

Yes, that is correct