pfSense Bufferbloat with multiple VLANS

Tom, thanks for your video ( on bufferbloat. I am experiencing this on my network and I was not aware. After watching the video I ran the test site which gave me a grade of “C”. My issue is I have a complex pfSense setup with 12+ VLANS. Some of the VLANS already have traffic shaping turned on to limit their bandwidth (think IOT and VOIP Phones) while others do not. My question is, How do I apply these filters to all these different VLAN firewalls?

Notes about pfSense:
Dual Netgate 1537 setup in HA mode
Static IPs for each VLAN
2G/2G WAN connection

Because they are applied to WAN traffic there is nothing you need to do for all the VLANs.

If you’re running vlans it can be handy to have at least one running without any traffic shaping just so you can see what’s happening on your line from the ISP.

The way I did it was to create the WAN limiter then added my queues nested below that, one for each vlan where I want to apply the traffic shaping. In the rules for my traffic shaped vlan I point back to the limiter queue in the traffic exiting.

Once set-up you can set it and forget it.

Sorry for the delay, I was out the past couple days. @LTS_Tom, thanks for the reply. I wasn’t clear each VLAN is its own virtual interface to the Internet, with its own set of IPs. See attached screen capture.

This firewall doesn’t have a typical WAN interface, which is what threw me. One of the VLANs is specific for gaming so I want to make sure those users get the best experience.
@neogrid thanks for the info. I will look into this.