Pfsense blocking unifi switch adoption

I have a Unifi 8 port POE switch(US-8-60W). I have been trying to add the switch to my controller(v6.0.43.0), but the new switch will not adopt. The controller has no issues discovering the new switch, and is pulling a DHCP address from the correct vLAN. I was able to update the firmware from within the controller on this new switch as well. However, while trying to adopt, the switch status will turn yellow and indicate it is trying to be adopted. Then will turn red, show a disconnected status, and then try to adopt again. Looking at my pfsense logs…

…My firewall is blocking the communication from the controller to the switch over port 8080. To allow this connection in pfsense, I created the following rules at the top of the vlan’s list for troubleshooting…

Switch IP: ###.###.100.30
Controller: ###.###.100.9

Rule marked as 3(row 1): is to troubleshoot if the switch’s IP was trying to make any connection back to the controller
Rule marked as 2(row2): is to allow port 8080 from the controller to be able to communicate to any port on the switch
Rule marked as 1(row3): is to troubleshoot and allow any port from the controller to communicate to the switch

The only rule that is being hit is in row 3. The traffic that is hitting the rule in row 3 appears to only be the discovery of the switch(port 10001) and the ssh connection(shown in picture above). When I do a pfctl -vvsr and grep for the rule blocking the connection, it is showing my Implicit deny rule at the bottom of the rules list for the network. Can anyone help in seeing why the adoption connection coming from ###.###.100.9 to ###.###.100.30 over port 8080, is not being allowed through?

On the switch I’ve done a set-inform to tell the switch the controller’s IP address. Also, in the controller, I set the Analytics & Improvements option to off. However, every time the switch attempts to adopt, the controller tries to call out to the site. If the analytics setting is set to off, why is it still trying to phone home? I tried the process, before the toggle button was added as an option in the controller, where you add the “” file for the site, but this does not prevent the phone home attempt either.