PfSense block Torrents

I’m thinking of setting up separate vlan for my tenants so I can resell my internet. Anyway i have pfsense and I was wondering if anyone had some ideas on how best to block torrenting/p2p

There is not really any easy was as they could just use a VPN to get around any blocking, instead just limit the speed on the other connections.

You can create a separate Vlan and have rules that only allow certain websites like gmail or youtube only… Or as suggest early just limit the bandwidth…

Thank you for the suggestions LTS_Tom and mariem56

Just route all your tenant’s traffic thru a VPN like PIA. Tack the cost of the VPN on to the fee you charge for rent. That way anything they download won’t come back to your IP address.

Snort and Suricata have rules that might help completely blocking p2p/torrent traffic.