pFsense - BandwidthD Not all Client showing up

I have bandwidthD on my pfSense installed and configured. However, not all the IPs or clients are showing up on bandwidthD Status.

Does anyone know if there is a setting for this?

I know for a fact they have definitely transferred more than 1024 kb, but still nothing.

IP range is all there. I can click on, say, that vlan, which is 10.30.x.x, under BandwidthD status but only two or three IPs are there and not other devices or clients. I’m not sure why this is… and I have clicked on Daily, Weekly, Yearly still same…

Also not sure if it matters but I am using U6 Pro and Unifi XG as AP for wireless devices.

That is not something that I have tested, might also want to post over in their forums. I use NTOPNG to figure out bandwidth usage.

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Thank you so much Tom. That helps a lot I was constantly going over setting to see what I was missing thanks to you now I know its not the settings there is some sort of bug sounds like.

Anyhow I will try posting it on their forum

I will try the NTOPNG now. Thanks again!!

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